Depression During Pregnancy – Fact And Coping Tips

Getting depression at some point in your pregnancy is common and to be expected. About 10% of all pregnant women will go through depression during pregnancy.

Just a few years ago, doctors thought that your body produced chemicals that helped with depression while you’re pregnant. In reality, it’s the opposite: Depression during pregnancy often happens as a result of hormonal imbalances caused by your pregnancy, because your body needs to prepare for the oncoming baby.

Pregnant women tend to discount their feelings, and check it off as “being hormonal.” However, if you think you might be getting depression during pregnancy, giving your physician a call and discussing the issue and your options is important.

Am I Depressed?

Most women begin to suspect they have depression during pregnancy when…

o They have difficulty focusing

o They feel lethargic, as though moving through life in a smog

o Loss of appetite

o Contemplating thoughts about killing themselves

o No longer taking pleasure in activities they used to delight it

o These thoughts and emotions last over 14 days

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, contact your doctor right away.

Home Remedies for Depression During Pregnancy

Read on for some suggestions on dealing with depression during pregnancy. As always, if you suspect that you have this condition as a result of your pregnancy, speak with your doctor.

Home Remedy #1 – Self-Love through Depression

There are two ways you can treat depression during pregnancy. You can treat it as a problem that needs to be treated or fought, or as something that’s not okay and you need to get rid of; or you can treat it as an experience and part of yourself, and fully love yourself for it.

Instead of beating yourself up for having depression, trying to “fix” the problem and berating yourself further if you fail to remedy it, which causes the problem to spiral, try just loving yourself through instead. Acceptance is the first step to curing depression.

Home Remedy #2 – Sleep, Water, Exercise, Fresh Air, and Sunlight

The amount of sleep you get has a big effect on your emotional state. Getting enough sleep and waking up “fresh” will prevent sleep deprivation issues from compounding the issue; as well as give you an emotional jolt.

Drinking enough water is important. Among other things, water is used by your body to clense it’s system, as well as create proper and balanced hormones. Getting enough water is important to helping cure depression during pregnancy.

Exercise and fresh air are both important parts to clear mental health. Moderate to straneous exercise is safe for pregnant women up to their third trimester, after which moderate exercise without running or jumping is recommended. Breathing deeply into your belly has also been proven to boost mental clarity.

Sunlight also has the effect of cheering up and nurturing the body. Sunlight is also necessary for the production of Vitamin D, which is essential in getting your baby the calcium he/she needs to thrive. Fifteen minutes of sunlight on your skin, three times a week is recommended for pregnant women.

Home Remedy #3 – Believe You’ll Get Through It

Depression during pregnancy is usually only temporary, especially if the mother has no previous history of depression. Knowing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel is important for remaining centered even in the midst of emotional chaos.

Again, when in doubt, consult a qualified medical professional.

Depression during pregnancy is a common affliction for expecting women. This condition is usually temporary and curable.



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